Money Doesn’t Spend Itself…
So Where Did It Go?

Simple Solutions for Building a Solid Financial Foundation for Your Business

Work Smarter, Not Harder with simple solutions to make your money behave.

Do you find that as your business grows, you end up chasing so many “squirrels”, you are so exhausted by the time you start to work on the most important thing in your business, your MONEY, you are just exhausted?

The problem is if you don’t take time to work on your money, you have no idea how your business is really doing. You don’t know your profits, you can’t scale, or prepare for expenses. You end up stressed and frustrated. Time Out!! MONEY Doesn’t Spend Itself!

All you need is the right SYSTEM that will Save You Some Time, Energy, and Money!

Taking a little time to implement simple system to track your numbers will not only save you time, energy & money, but more importantly you will be able to Make Your Money Behave!

What People are Saying

Janet Ickes has literally been a God-send for me! I have been in business now for over 20 years. My numbers were something I always dreaded dealing with. I frequently felt overwhelmed just thinking about them. Janet has taught me some simple systems to track my numbers. Once I started implementing those strategies, I began to feel empowered. So empowered that I’ve started a second business! I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference Janet has made in my life!.
Anna Florence Crawford
Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
Janet Ickes has been the best business choice I have made in the past 2 years. First, helping me navigate a huge excel master sheet needed to drive my insurance business, and recently relieving me of the time and stress of handling finance by setting me up and tutoring me on QuickBooks on line. Choosing Janet to assist you in your business will show a net-net in time and sales profits freeing you up to be in front of clients!.
Michael “Make It Happen” Quintas
N.C. Farm Bureau
Janet is amazing! Not only has she coached me to better maneuver QBO, but she’s provided me a better understanding of my business. When I brought my taxes to be done, upon saying I had an email from Janet to forward, I was told they likely didn’t need anything else from me. Hands down best business decision I’ve made yet!.
Steve Tylka
Discount Cleaning Solutions
I finally came to the conclusion that if my business is about coaching others to delegate, I needed to follow through with my own delegation. There were other things that needed my time and attention. So very humbly, I called Janet Ickes with Excel with Me, Training and Consulting, my trusted friend and colleague. I confessed my problem, we laughed as she kindly and graciously agreed to assist. In very short order, she found the problem, corrected it and finished my reconciliations! RELIEF! I can’t tell you the relief you feel when you delegate something to someone you trust, who enjoys putting the puzzle in your business together.
Susan Watson
Delegating 4 Success

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